Monday, August 28, 2017

Nourished For Nil


 Today I will be blogging about a organisation called Nourished For Nil. Nourished for Nil is something that gives food out to the community, We do not give food to just people who can not afford enough food but for anyone who just needs something to fill them up. We have a team of volunteers  including me that distribute the food to the customers  that come to Nourished. You can also do something called a pick up which is where you can go around and pick up food from different cafes and bakery. One of the cafes is Ruby's  family cafe. You can chose if you would like to do pick up or distribution. I am usually on distribution and I do Nourished for Nil on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have met a lot of people that come though and I get a lot of comments saying how kind I am and that I have great manners.  There is a man that is homeless and he always talks to me and he is so grateful for what we give him. I enjoy doing Nourished for nil because I get to meet new people and I like to give back to the community because it makes me feel good. The names that volunteer are : Linda, Nikki, Christina, Louise, Jae ( My mum), Me, Martin and Kel . There is a man called Steve who comes and cleans for us, he cleans and we give him food so it is fair. He has been sick so he has not been coming so the volunteers started to clean up instead.  Now he is back and he comes way earlier than he is meant to be, he is meant to come at 5:30 but he comes at five o'clock. Here is a photo of the people who made it up. On the left is Louise Suarin and Cristina Mcbeth  :   

Monday, July 3, 2017

Kids should not have lollies school

I am writing to persuade you to believe that it is a good decision to not have lollies at school, because your children may get too greedy, and maybe even  become sick from eating too much, also they might become obese. So I hope that you enjoy reading about why I think that not having lollies at school is a good choice for your children.
Firstly, I would like to say that I believe that it is a good choice to not give your children lollies because there will be too much sugar for them to handle,  because when they want to go and play like little children they might get upset because they could get bullied because they eat too many lollies. You will have to live with guilt because you made your child eat so much, because now a days giving your children too much sugary food is child Abuse. Also your children will not think right because when they have sugar in their lunch they may not be on the right track, like listening to the teacher at learning time. When a child does not go on the right track they will tend to not listen and do what they want,  also if they own or use a device they might go on the wrong thing like changing their background.
Secondly I think that you should not include sugar into your childrens lunch boxes because that may also give them rotten teeth and bad breath, it is also very bad to give them lollies because when teeth are rotten they tend to fall out, it also would not be good because if they have adult teeth it would not be good if they fell out because usually it cost a lot of money for dentures sometimes you can get a silver teeth and sometimes a normal looking one’s. Another reason is that your child/children could become obese ( fat ) from eating too many lollies. Also your child/children could get used to eating them because if they eat them everyday that is not good for their health.
Last but not least unfairness, other children may think that it is unfair to eat lollies in front of them because they might not have enough money so they might get upset that they can’t have any. You might not know but your child/children might be taking your money and you don’t know about it so if you find out that your child is taking your money then you should try put a stop to it.  You also might not know that your child/children is going and getting them if you notice anything different about their teeth color or even if their breath smells like lollies then ask them and talk with them  about it because if your child/children our honest about it then maybe they could be not showing off at school about it.
I truly believe that children should be honest and grateful that they only get lollies at the right time. And not when they want to because it is bad for their health, energy and it is unfair to others. So if you find out about this situation please talk to your child/children about it and maybe you could make a change to.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Animal Enclosure 2016 - term 2

My Creature is a Gecko.

Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
That it only needs a small inclosure because it is small and it will not need a big one because they do not run that often and they are not big creatures.  I put a pond into my enclosure because they like to swim. I have put a little tree because they like to climb. I put in a hut in the play area because the like to hide and i put a hut in the room for at night if they are scared then they can hide be safe.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:  A cushion for a bed, A food bowl, A play area with a pool because they like to swim, A comfort room so if they want to relax in, bathroom for  when they get dirty you could clean them up. That it only needs a small inclosure because it is small and it will not need a big one because they do not run that often.  I put a pond into my enclosure because they like to swim. I have put a little tree because they like to climb. I put in a hut in the play area because the like to hide.
What I am pleased about: The way it turned out because some off it went to plan and the rest sort of didn't. The pond because it was hard to cut out but it turned out perfect when livy cut it out.

What I have found tricky: Was making the hole for the pond because it was hard to cut out and it actually turned out really good in the end because Livy helped me cut it out.
What I would like to improve: Is by doing the hard stuff first and do the easy stuff last because this time i did the opposite and i did not finish.


The Sad dog



Sad dog
Dear world,
Help I have been caged up for over 3 years, please help me I have no food except one piece of bread a day, and I only have five teaspoons of water a day. We do not get much sleep because the dog owners kick me and yell at me and the only time I get to sleep is when the owners oldest daughter works there. Please help I need a home that is safe and will not treat me like this.
        I AM HEART💔

Exaggeration poem

The zesty lemon

I ate a zesty lemon
from my sister on a dare
A splat of lemon splashed my eyes
And then I Fell down the stair

My teeth went tingly
And started to hurt
That pain was so sore
Then I played in the dirt

My face had mixed emotions
My face turned red
Then went squishy
While I was In Bed

Then my cousin asked me
Do you want or need another one?
Know I do not.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Project based Learning

Project Based Learning Blog Post Kalae

Step One
Selecting a context
Lost in the Bush
Save the Bush
Fun in the Bush
Step Two & Three
Create questions and identify one broad question
What was your broad question?
How do we know what is poisonous in the bush?
Step Four
What did I already know about my question?
  1. That some mushrooms can be poisonous
  2. That some flowers can be poisonous
  3. That some of these poisonous things can be killing our native animals
Step Five
Design your creation
IMG_0079.JPGOur creation was called a trap. This is what we needed to make are trap: Wood, cardboard, paint, glue, screws, wire, paper, ping pong ball, and paint brushes
Step Six
Build your creation
Step Seven
How did it go?  Charlotte and I thought that it went well but if we did it another time  we would have changed the box to a smaller size.
What went well?
Charlotte and I thought that some things went to plan and some did not. Like when we were making the trap we had to make a decision on if we were going to paint the box or not.
What was a challenge?
The most challenging part of making the trap was when you had to put the wire into the sides of the trap because when the animal comes in the door might not close if it was not made probably.
Step Eight
What would you change next time?
The size of the box because we thought that the box size was to big for something that was just a model.l
What would you improve next time? The size of the box because we thought that the box was to big.
Feedback - ask some other children what they thought?
Ruby = Maybe think about your spelling and I loved your creation and I like how you have put a lot of detail into this blog. Well done :)!
Makayla = I like how you used Green & Brown for camouflage on it so creatures don’t see it :D
Henrietta = Great Job on your trap I loved how you did it camouflage so it blends in so the animals don’t even think it is there
Livy =I love how you camouflaged your trap that was very smart of you and I like the topic you choose

Camp Omatua!!

Thinking back over the camp, what I most enjoyed was

Kayaking in the Omatua river because at first I was not so sure about doing it so mum just walked with me and I had fun and did it a lot of times with out mum. The tricky bit was when you had to move the kayak to the deep end because you would get stuck if you were in the really shallow end. I also enjoyed going bush bashing because we were learning how to cross a river safely so that you know were to cross and were not to cross.    

Something funny that happened was

At camp my most funniest part was when we were in the bamboo forest, Ruby and  Henrietta and I went roly polling down the hill and landed in the garden of green flowers. My second funny part was when Charlotte read was sleep talking and then I heard Ruby sleep talking too. Ruby  was talking about oaga's but I could not really under stand what Charlotte Read was saying

Something I have found out about myself

Was that I nearer gave up like in the kayaks  I just did it and did it lots of times on by my self because mum went with me on the the first round because I was a bit scared at first because I have done kayaking before I did it in the ocean but I was with my pops.
So that is what I learned out about my self.

I really admired the way

I  admired the way jack f got down on his hands and knees and scrubbed the court yard  because he got red paint on the tiles and he used news paper and water and scrubbed it really hard until it came off. I also admired the way that that Murray carried Astella mostly everywhere when you could not go in a wheel chair.