Monday, August 28, 2017

Nourished For Nil


 Today I will be blogging about a organisation called Nourished For Nil. Nourished for Nil is something that gives food out to the community, We do not give food to just people who can not afford enough food but for anyone who just needs something to fill them up. We have a team of volunteers  including me that distribute the food to the customers  that come to Nourished. You can also do something called a pick up which is where you can go around and pick up food from different cafes and bakery. One of the cafes is Ruby's  family cafe. You can chose if you would like to do pick up or distribution. I am usually on distribution and I do Nourished for Nil on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have met a lot of people that come though and I get a lot of comments saying how kind I am and that I have great manners.  There is a man that is homeless and he always talks to me and he is so grateful for what we give him. I enjoy doing Nourished for nil because I get to meet new people and I like to give back to the community because it makes me feel good. The names that volunteer are : Linda, Nikki, Christina, Louise, Jae ( My mum), Me, Martin and Kel . There is a man called Steve who comes and cleans for us, he cleans and we give him food so it is fair. He has been sick so he has not been coming so the volunteers started to clean up instead.  Now he is back and he comes way earlier than he is meant to be, he is meant to come at 5:30 but he comes at five o'clock. Here is a photo of the people who made it up. On the left is Louise Suarin and Cristina Mcbeth  :   

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  1. I think this is amazing and I am very impressed that you are helping in the community. Good job Kalae.